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Expo 2. Natalia y Amanecer HabanaBorn in Cuba in 1968. Nara discovered her passion for Art at an early age. He began his Art and Writing studies at the “House of Culture”. He liked to write and illustrate his own writings.

Years later, she studied Arts and Letter at the University of Havana

He arrived in Miami, Fl in 2008 and continued his work in different fields of art. However, she says that she is a self-taught individual who has been influenced by the techniques of great contemporary painters such as Picasso and others.

Nara has its own aesthetic style, based on the wonderful possibilities of abstract expressionism and imagination in the use of color and texture to create a unique palette.

Her preferred mediums are Oils and Acrylic. 17019_4781516869278_1517653048_n

Her works has been exhibited in galleries and cultural events in different city of US

Nara works in an abstract expressionism style using a mixed technique, primarily in oil. Her style contains elements of abstract expressionism and figurative abstraction. She uses the techniques of gestualism and mixed media, especially in works she calls “art with texture.”

In her work, she generally uses the texture as the essential element and color is always emphasized. The subjects of her work vary according to the Nara’s psychic perception. The warm colors that are characteristic of the tropics predominate; balance and harmony complete the picture.

The works in the series “Faces of Silence” Nara started in 2009 in the U.S. The series is a continuation of her work in the abstract style but more defined towards abstract expressionism. In these works she seeks to represent the human figure and their emotions.

He currently resides in Las Vegas. NV. US





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