PICT0630Natalia Ramírez ¨Nara”

Scholastic: Art History.

Med. Education

Specialist, Promoter, Curator of Visual Arts


• Expo collectively, II Biennial of Art and Mental Health, Sept October 2003. Cuba.

• Expo collectively. Project “Avellaneda” community Workshop on Gender and Art. Centro Habana 2004. Cuba.

• Expo collective “Among Friends”, Centro de Arte Rodríguez de la Cruz, MCPI Boyeros, July 2004, Cuba.

• Expo collectively, Art Gallery of Matanzas, 2004, Cuba.

• Expo bipersonal “Less Mas”. with artist John Leo Brouwer, Theater Lobby Guanabo Avenues, Nov.2004, Cuba.

• Expo collective Arab Union of Cuba. Nov. 2004. Cuba.

Collective Expo Hall, Small Format, Gallery L. January, 2005. Cuba.

• Expo collectively, Tribute to the International Day of Women. Scale Model of Havana, MCPI Beach. February 2005. Cuba.

• Biennial of Illustration. Fayad Jamis Gallery. October 2005. Cuba.

• Expo collective tribute to the painter Fayad Jamis. Oct-Nov 2005. Fayad Jamis Gallery. Cuba.

• Painting Project Expo Slavs, Asia House Art Center. March 2006. Cuba.

• Painting Project Slavic collective Expo, Fedime (International Federation of Women). June 2006. Cuba.

• Expo World Cities Gallery, January 2007. Cuba.

• Expo Earthly Spell staff, Hotel Colina. May-June 2008. Cuba.

• Her works have been marketed by several national galleries and Origins Gallery, the Grand Theater of Havana, Galería Carmen Montilla Gallery Martalena painter, Gallery L, artists Draft Prado, Hotel Nacional de Cuba, Hotel Panorama. Cuba.

She has attended courses and workshops, such as visual arts, drawing, painting and ceramics. Cuba. Many of her works are in hands of private collectors, as: John Canavesi, Katja Vandl, Aude Boursin, Rino Ferrara, Laura Casamitjana, Gianni Gennai, Mayra de Armas, Vratusa Majda, Maria de Jesus de Anda, among others, in different countries such as Argentina, England, Spain, Australia, Germany, Russia, France, Denmark, Belgium, Italy, USA: U.S., Mexico, Greece, Canada and Chile, among others



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